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Hadar Nafis Gumay, Sigit Pamungkas, Juri Ardiantoro, Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah. They have been involved in one institution namely the General Election Commission of the Republic of Indonesia as a commissioner for the period 2012-2017

Executive director

Sigit Pamungkas

Senior Researcher

Hadar Nafis Gumay

Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah

Juri Ardiantoro (non-active)


Iwan Makarim

Faizal Akbar

Danie Febri Arieffian

NETGRIT is dedicated to institutionalizing a democracy and promoting the institutionalization of fair and free election with integrity. Indonesian elections have succeeded in laying the foundations of elections in the form of regulations, institutions and actors in free and fair electoral standards. The standards are not sufficient, as seen from the crucial issues, such as a money politics, election disputes, professionalism and organizational integrity and so on. These issues require ongoing improvement with an emphasis on institutionalizing  values, electoral principles with integrity on actors and institutions which have involved in the election process.


1. Strengthen fair and fair electoral instruments
2.Institutionalize the principles / values ​​of elections with integrity
3.Encourage innovations that strengthen the realization of elections with integrity
4.Developing Network for Jurdil (free and fair) Election with integrity


1. Study / Research
Conduct studies, make recommendations for electoral reform to key stakeholders, including: KPU, BAWASLU, DKPP, Government, DPR, Political Parties.

2. Data Base
To collect, manage, analyze and publish complete and up-to-date electoral data, including: election results, candidates and elected candidates, data on violations including disputes and decisions, regulations and policies, and election organizers.

3. Training
Conducting Trainings for capacity building and election integrity to various stakeholders, such as: organizers, election participants, communities, and NGO’s.

4. Election Network
Establishment and synergy of networks of Jurdil and integrity